Welcome to TheFranklinhouse

Welcome to TheFranklinhouse

Congratulations! You have found TheFranklinhouse. TheFranklinhouse will be home to a variety of topics that all stem from our love of animals, plants, and enjoying your home and gardens.

At this site you will find our exclusive Jewel Box Eggs, reflecting that treasures are not just jewelry. Please explore our Jewel Box Egg section for more information on the eggs and ordering one of these treasures for yourself. Our egg Christmas Ornaments were so poplular that they are sold out. Please see our Christmas Ornaments page to order your real egg ornaments.

Right now we're running an African violet special sale. You get 30 leaves (3 each of 10 different varieties), my choice. Cost is $28 plus $8 shipping.

Enjoy browsing through the pictures of my African violets and plumerias. For purchasing either, please go to their sections. Plumeria cuttings are from my own plants, and the African violet leaves are from my prize-winning African violets! Please check back as availability and varieties change. 

Other sections, such as Garden Art and Vintage Corner will be revealed as they are more fully developed. Check back and have fun browsing them if you love plants, animals, and the natural beauty of your home and gardens. This web site is currently in its infancy and is a work in progress. The sections will be individually developed and then continually updated. Until then, we appreciate your patience as we build and add to our site.

We are equally excited about the "Simple" things. Once this section is posted, it will have helpful hints and simple, easy-to-follow instructions on things that for many people seem simple. But, they may only be simple if previously shown or taught. If you haven't been fortunate enough to have either, then this section is for you. Ever wonder how to make the perfect, easiest-to-peel hard boiled egg? Do you know what "simmer" or "rolling boil" means? If you know, great. If not, check here, and we'll give you the answer. Other types of tips will be included.

Until we are fully posted, enjoy the slide show of some Jewel Box Eggs and Plumerias (and feline fans). Please see the Jewel Box Egg section if you would like to purchase one of these eggs. In the meantime, have a wonderful day, and thank you for visiting TheFranklinhouse.
Andrea L. Worrell, Artist & Designer